Superheroes vs Alcohol DVD

ITEM: 49358


Designed to reach young students with simple, straightforward information about alcohol before they feel pressured to try it, this approximately 15-minute program keeps young children engaged and entertained as they follow a team of superheroes who explain the negative effects of alcohol use. Grades K–6.

In This Kids Educational DVD, A Young Girl Is Offered Alcohol At A Sleepover. A Group Of Superheroes Show Her Alcohol’s Dangers & Teach Her Ways To Say No.

Janet is a young girl whose friends try to talk her into drinking alcohol at a sleepover. When superheroes Dr. Rom, Captain Kinetic, and Dog Boy appear, they show Janet just how unglamorous and unhealthy using alcohol can be. Janet decides to say no to alcohol, and the superheroes help her learn to say no to her friends but still have fun. A great program to help students laugh, listen, and learn why and how to say no to alcohol. Grades K–6. Approximately 15 minutes.