Food Choices: Take Your Pick Interactive Flip Chart

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When making mealtime decisions, some foods pale in the presence of healthier alternatives. With this unique display, viewers can watch the evidence pile up against lesser choices. The flip chart’s divided pages allow side-by-side comparison of 40 entrees and side dishes and users count out cubes representing each food’s calories, fat, and carbs. Reverse panels contain notes on nutritional content and activities.

This Flip Chart’s Divided Pages Allow Side-By-Side Comparisons Of 40 Entrees & Side Dishes. Comes With Cubes To Count Out A Food’s Calories, Fats & Carbs.

Best Seller!

Filled with colorful pictures of entrees and side dishes, this flip chart is a useful tool to teach how to make food selections based on nutritional content. Unique divided pages allow side-by-side comparison among 40 food panels. Includes a foldout tray and 150 dice that can be used to represent the calorie, fat, and carb content of each food. Presentation panels contain nutritional content, presentation notes, and activity notes. Comes with presentation guide with five activities. 14" x 12".