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Secondhand Smoke Flip Chart

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Create a powerful presentation and dispel myths about secondhand smoke. This 6-panel flip chart (12" x 17") explains that secondhand smoke is filled with deadly chemical compounds; causes potentially deadly conditions and diseases in nonsmokers, such as various forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease; and harms infants and children. Also replaces myths with facts about secondhand smoke. Features presentation notes on reverse panels.

Our Secondhand Smoke Flip Chart is a great educational resource to dispel myths and explain the dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke. Visit our site to order!

Use the hard-hitting facts and enlightening graphics in this flip chart to reveal the hazards of secondhand smoke. Explains that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the smoke inhaled directly from a cigarette. Discusses life-threatening conditions caused by secondhand smoke, including lung and certain other forms of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Also covers the harmful and potentially deadly effects of secondhand smoke on infants and children, as well as myths about secondhand smoke. Features presentation notes on the back of each panel. 6 panels. 12" x 17".