Healthy Eating for People with Diabetes Booklet, English

ITEM: 42026


With large, easy-to-read text and clear images, this 16-page booklet makes it simple to present the essentials of healthy eating to people who have diabetes. Covers healthy meal planning by combining the best approaches from the plate method and carbohydrate counting. Also includes a food continuum that presents food choices from the least healthy to the healthiest. A great handout for diabetes educators to provide for patient education.

With Large, Easy-To-Read Text & Simple Images, This 16-Page Booklet Makes It Easy To Present The Basics Of Healthy Eating To People With Diabetes.

Healthy eating is essential for proper blood sugar control, and this booklet is an excellent handout to help patients with diabetes understand how they can eat healthfully. Uses clear images and large, simple text to present information in an easy-to-understand way. Combines carbohydrate counting and the plate method of food planning while offering a range of food options from the least healthy to the most healthy. Perfect for readers of all levels to understand how they can make the right food choices for diabetes self-care. 16 pages.