How Will I Know If I'm in Labor? Booklet

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As their delivery date approaches, first-time parents may get anxious about knowing when labor has begun. This 16-page booklet is the perfect handout to help alleviate stress and answer questions. It discusses practice labor, contractions, when to call a healthcare professional, and more. Minimum order is 50.

This Booklet Is A Perfect Handout To Help Alleviate Stress For First-Time Parents As the Due Date Nears. Answers Common Questions About Labor’s Onset.

Teaching expectant mothers about the signs and variations of active labor, this booklet discusses lightening, rupture of the amniotic membranes, changes in the cervix, contractions, practice labor vs. active labor, when to call a healthcare professional, as well as stages of labor, fetal position, and preterm labor. Includes space on the back to keep a prelabor and early labor record. A great resource for new mothers. Minimum order is 50.