Mama I Want To Be Healthy Pamphlet/Poster, English

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Colorful and easy-to-read, this pamphlet emphasizes the nutritional messages of MyPlate and folds out into a poster (16" x 17"). Also covers some other basics of good prenatal care, such as avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; keeping prenatal appointments; and more. Also lists symptoms that should be reported immediately to a healthcare professional. Minimum order is 25.

Colorful & Easy-To-Read, This Pamphlet Emphasizes MyPlate’s Nutritional Messages & Covers The Basics Of Prenatal Care. Folds Out Into A 16" x 17" Poster.

Written from the perspective of a developing baby, this adorable pamphlet with a 3-D look emphasizes the essential nutritional messages of MyPlate. Additionally covers hazards to stay away from, such as foods not to eat; substances to avoid, including tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; and asking a healthcare professional before exposure to X-rays, medicines, and more. Also features additional essentials of prenatal care, including getting adequate rest, keeping all prenatal appointments, and reporting listed symptoms right away to a healthcare professional. 16" x 17" fully opened. Minimum order is 25.