Crushing The Habit Mini Pocket Guide

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Hand out this great, 8-panel guide that includes information and motivation to help anyone who is trying to quit smoking. Discusses reasons to quit (such as health benefits, loved ones, and financial savings) and ways to quit, including building a support network, using nicotine replacement therapy, joining a smoking cessation program, and more. Perfect to encourage smokers to quit. Minimum order is 50.

Hand Out This Great Pocket Guide That Features Informational Tips & Motivation To Help Smokers Quit. Provides Reasons To Quit, Coping Techniques & More.

This handy mini pocket guide provides information and motivation to assist smokers during the difficult early stages of quitting. Covers reasons to quit—your health, friends and family, and saving money—as well as ways to quit, such as learning to cope with urges, smoking cessation programs, nicotine replacement therapy, and more. Perfect to help motivate smokers to quit. 8 panels. Minimum order is 50.